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Ferrari Furore

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As a result of seeing us at an Italian Car Day at Brooklands, Ferrari 355
owner, Paul Clifford had taken himself along to a specialist and had a new
head unit and a pair of speakers fitted. However, embarrassingly, he was
not happy with the result and was of the opinion that the Italian speakers he
had been sold were no good and in fact, he felt that his wife's Fiesta with
stock audio system in it sounded better. We were extremely puzzled by this,
particularly when we discovered that the speakers were high-end Audison
Voce components. However, puzzlement turned to disappointment when we discovered that these were running straight from the speaker outputs of
a pretty average head unit with no amplification in between. This was never
going to work as the speakers require more power than the head unit was
able to produce in order to make them work correctly.

Ferrari Furore article
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